The Website is now Synched with the Facebook Group

Brothers, I’m glad to announce that with the help of Bro. Michael Wilson, There is not only a Facebook Group for RiverFalls Lodge #109, but it is now Synchronized with the Website.
What that means is, When a post is made on the website for everyone to see, it will also, within 10 hours, automatically be posted to the facebook group’s Wall.
Also, Other Lodge’s Facebook pages and groups can be synched to your website if they so choose to be, and they too will get the updates on your site sent to their Facebook walls.
We’re moving in to the current times, utilizing whatever networking we can, and it will pay off over time.
I’m happy to be part of this whole movement, and Happy to be of help in anyway I can for Riverfalls, as well as the other lodges.
Bro Kevin D. LeQue